Breathing new life into the historic Jell-O factory complex by transforming it into a craft distillery and preserving this important part of our local history

Why a Distillery?

Part of our allure will be to provide tastings and tours in this building where we will help our guests understand our village’s historical significance to the region and the world. The building provides a backstory to which virtually everyone will be able to positively relate, and its history provides a foundation upon which Oatka Distillers can build. The idea is to create an enduring business that can support the ongoing restoration and maintenance of this local landmark while adding another attraction that makes LeRoy, New York, a destination people want to visit.

Our Mission

To make high-quality, small-batch artisan spirits using traditional techniques with locally grown grains and fruits that capture the essence of our part of the world – with the highest level of craftsmanship, quality, and integrity.

Support Us

We need your help in getting through the licensing and permitting processes. This includes the costs of application fees, attorneys, consultants, architectural planning, and minor modifications to the building to bring it up to the required codes. We will use Western New York firms and resources to ensure funds will be pumped directly back into our Western New York economy. We are raising funds through both Patreon and Kickstarter. Patreon contributions will be dedicated to fund the restoration and renovation of the building. Kickstarter contributors will go directly to getting the licenses and permits needed to begin distilling in our facility.